Take a ride to Fraser Island’s beautiful lakes

Are you a risk taker or a couch potato? If you’re a risk taker, great! You’re the kind of person who’s always up to good…or up to no good. If you’re a couch potato, you love being at home and watching TV, but you have to go see the sun sometimes, mate. Risk takers and couch potatoes, call your friends because there are great places to explore and memories for the books! Are you guys ready for a new adventure with a 4WD hire along Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, and Cooloola Coast? You can click on this link for your bookings: https://www.adventurecentre.com.au/.


Amazing Queensland

Queensland is known as the “sunshine state” of Australia, with its islands, beaches, and cities. The more than 26 million tourists visiting Queensland every year have contributed greatly to the rise of the state’s economy by 7.8% GSP. That means good news for local businesses in the private and public sectors. Whether you’re a domestic or international tourist, you’re going to love what Queensland can offer, especially along its 7,000 kilometres coastline. When it comes to touring the pristine beaches of Queensland, visit this link for vehicle hire and accommodation: https://www.adventurecentre.com.au/.

Amazing Fraser Island

You’re never too young or old for a little adventure to remember. That’s why Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre continues to cater to tourists and potential tourists like you! With their self-drive 4WD hire, places like Fraser Island are some things that you shouldn’t miss to visit because there are many lakes where you can enjoy great moments! On the island, here are the lakes that you have to go:

1. Lake Wabby – With the green waters meeting the white sand, Lake Wabby is a beautiful, quiet, and peaceful lake situated on the south half of Fraser Island. You would love to explore the lake because it has a few species of fish living in it.

2. Lake Boomanjin – Known as the “tea tree” lake, this has red waters that resembles tea, as it is surrounded by tea trees and pristine white sands. It is a favourite tourist destination because of its uniqueness and peacefulness.

3. Lake McKenzie – This is a famous tourist lake because it is dubbed as the “jewel of Fraser Island”, courtesy of its bright blue waters and rich marine life. Though crowdy, it’s worth the experience.

4. Lake Birrabeen – Enjoy the deep blue, crystal clear waters and pearly white sand of this lake just beyond Lake Mckenzie. You would enjoy the calm and beauty of this beautiful place.

5. Lake Allom – Located at the northern part of Fraser Island, it’s name is taken from Noel Allom who surveyed the area in the 1920s. The lake is known for its freshwater turtles, lush forests, and campsites.

There are more places to explore than just lakes on Fraser Island. There are beaches like Rainbow Beach and beaches from the Cooloola Coast you shouldn’t miss also!

Amazing rides

Risk takers and couch potatoes, time for a new adventure! Book a 4WD hire to Fraser Island through this link: https://www.adventurecentre.com.au/.