Saving money on energy costs with skylights

A home that is dark and dreary seems dull and lifeless. On the other hand, a well-lit home looks more attractive and inviting. However, turning on the lights all day can add to your energy costs. Adding skylight windows to your home is an effective way to let natural light into your home without incurring extra costs on your electricity bills. But do make sure that you only buy from an authorised Velux Melbourne reseller to ensure the quality of your skylights.

Can installing skylights help save money on energy costs?

Some people are not convinced that adding a surplus of skylights is energy-efficient. After all, skylight windows are essentially holes in the roof, your home’s primary defence against the weather. But many studies prove that this assumption is wrong.

Well-designed buildings with the appropriate number of Velux windows can help decrease overall energy consumption. Aside from allowing natural light into your space, skylights can also help reduce CO2 emissions. The great thing about natural daylight is that it is an unlimited natural resource, and it is entirely free. So aside from saving on energy costs, you also get to help the environment.

How to make your skylights as energy efficient as possible

Here are some factors Velux Melbourne experts would like you to consider when assessing the overall impact of skylights on the energy efficiency of a building.

Where you place your skylights matter

You must carefully consider where your skylights face if you want to maximise your energy savings and the amount of sunlight you get. For example, you may want to place your skylight in the east of the room if you want to get the most sunlight in the morning. Install it facing the west if you want more light in the afternoon. Skylights installed on a south-facing roof can help provide passive solar heat gain during the colder months while preventing heat gain in the summer. However, Velux Melbourne professionals warn that a south-facing skylight may not be able to provide your home with enough natural lighting. If you want to catch the most daylight for more money savings, you can place your skylights on the north side of the room.

Design and installation play a vital role, too

To enjoy the full benefits of having skylight windows in your home, they need to be properly installed. Without proper glazing and professional installation, you’ll likely experience most of the drawbacks associated with skylights, such as leaks and drafts—even if it’s a new skylight. The angle, slope, and direction of your skylights also play an important role in how much natural light or heat enters your home.

Before you buy skylights Sydney companies offer, make sure that they are of the highest quality. One way to ensure this is by only purchasing from top brands that are dedicated to quality like Velux.

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